No Day in Court For Some Clergy

Yesterday, my social media blew up with folks sharing a story with me about a Methodist minister who is being threatened with defrocking if he does not recant his actions surrounding the gay community, most particularly his performing a marriage … Continue reading

Beards and Breasts: A Comparative Look

For over a decade I have sported a beard of one variety or another.  Sometimes it has been embarrassingly short, and other times it has been epically long.  But it has always been there.  Even in those bizarre and empty … Continue reading

A Tale Of Two Ordinations

Tonight, I sit in the middle of two important anniversaries for me, my two ordinations to the priesthood.  Now, from a theological point of view, the above statement is a no-no.  Ordination, like baptism, is considered to be a sacrament … Continue reading

Open Letter to Miley Cyrus: What You Need to Know About Priestly Abuse and Mental Illness

Dear Miley, Everyone seems to be writing you open letters this week.  I don’t know if it’s because people have lost your telephone number, or if you are just really hard to get a hold of, but either way, I … Continue reading

Entitled WWII Veterans Push Past Government Barricade

There was a picture passing around the Internet yesterday of “the greatest generation” pushing past a barricade set up in front of a WWII Memorial in Washington, DC.  The image certainly pulls at the patriotic heart strings, veterans being pushed … Continue reading

Pensacola, Prepare Yourself.

For years, the Orthodox Church has chiseled away at me, and I ignorantly followed along.  First, I did not go to Orlando to fight an ordinance preventing people from distributing food to the poor because a bishop forbid me from … Continue reading

Joel Osteen Rebukes the Apostles? Good for Him!

Over the last few weeks, some conservative guy’s blog has been going viral and at first it was just a minor annoyance, and then I realized that six people in a row on my Facebook page had shared it.  So … Continue reading

Protecting My Kids With Words, Not Guns.

My family and I were on the verge of making new friends.  The kids had been having a blast at the playground getting to know some kids and so I struck up a conversation with the parents.  We discussed a … Continue reading

I Don’t Need Hell to Like Jesus Anymore.

When I was younger, I really struggled with the idea of hell.  Mostly because I really liked God a lot, and so the idea that God was someone that I should be afraid of was really unsettling.  I used to … Continue reading